Rock and Roll

Angry Man Weekend

Bay Bridge here we come....

Rigged and Ready

Icy Morning - IT IS SPRING!

Fast Asleep

Bob Wants More Rod!

Students of the Game!

Sonny - A legend!

The Long Crew! Get Er' Done!

Ronnie is confused!

Now he is not!

Bob thinking ...... A cruise ship!

I can catch fish with a sucker in my mouth :)

Steve is smiling here.....

Steve hung in their all day - even though he helped chum some!
He says go O's!

He Looks scared.....

Got that one too....

Doc with a nice one.....

Another one goes down....

and another goes down to the grill.....

Got to keep the mate happy!

Looks like fishing is good.....

One happy crew!

Are you kidding me - Look at that smile!

Another big smile here......

Only a couple - But the Beckett crew had grilling on their mind

It almost looks calm behind him for a change.......

I believe I said Reel - As in now :)

Let me kiss my fish!

That is a plastic bag - I don't care what the mate says!

Howard's crew - always good company!

Got one for the Flynn gang!

Off to the Alter we go.......

And another!

This boy has a hard head!

We even let him catch a fish......What a hard head!

bachelor Party central......


What a mate!

Father and son - Priceless!

Bucket of fish!

Yes sir - GET ER' Done!

Let me open up the reel and let her go another 100 yards!

Go West Virginia

First time with us!

Well let me tell you a story here.......GOOD GUY!


GOOD SHOW gentlemen!

Rugged Shark on the scene!

Fish On!

Told you - Fish On!

We Got Some :)


Another on Board!

Reel! :)

I LUV You!


It Is a fish :)


I think I am on my way to Key Largo :)

Hard to see - But that is the Jennifer Ann with 250 Crab pots ready to roll :)


Looks like Congressman Andy Harris to me.....

Mackenzie - taking in the sun :)

Guess we were right - Good Show!

another Congressman from Michigan - The UP Peninsula!

Yep - two GREAT congressman!

I am on it!

Okay let me Guide this ship - Mr. Andy Harris!

I Know what I am doing :)


and your next point - Fish ON!

Rock and Roll is here to stay!

Catch a fish will you!

Lisa / Jay and the gang - THEY ROCK!

they call Mick/Jay :) I Rock and Roll!

yes That is my fish after three trips on this boat :)

Yeppers - Eastern shore Bred and Born!



we are on it!

THE BEST MATE ON THE BAY - Miss Renee!She Rocks!

are you kidding me - Hunter is the MAN!


Monty rolls on!

What do you think of me now!

Dinner is served!

I have an idea - I think I will Take this boat to the slip!

Where is Captain Bob?

Oh My GOD - They want me to dock this thing........

Hunter brought us home safe!

DEAR LORD - We are on our to buy Hamburger - GOOD CREW!

Bart and his Gang!

Digger on the rod

Net man on the scene

Jake on the net

Digger with the fish

Bob - Wake up - Wrong rod :)

Yep another one....

Barb is petting her fish!

Fish Wrestling 101

Jake Number 5

One of our many great customers....

Swan Creek group with a fish in the boat

Looks like a lot of support here....

They had fun anyway......

He does not need support :)

That would be Miss Brook on the rod...

Not sure who is happier :)

Part of The George Edge group from the Hills of West Virginia


A Legend in his own mind - David Jones :) Great guy from down south...

I think I might take a nap soon.....

I am dreaming of a rockfish :)

Yep nap Time....


Lodge Team on a fish.....

wake up - Fish On

Lodge Team #2

Not sure what is going on here.....

Should have been called the sleep team....

Or here for that matter....

they had some fun....

Captain Bob and Marc would like to take this time to thank every group that booked with us! We ran as hard as we ever have this past spring and it was some tough weather for the most part and a few skunks which are hard for us to take.

Most groups went home with fish and every group went home with smiles.
I (Captain Marc) would also like to thank every group personally for helping bring in the rods and boards at the end of every trip!

Again, it was a pleasure to have fished with all of our groups and we hope to see you this summer....