....Thanks to everyone! And let us know how you feel.....

Bob thanks we all had a great time, you sure make it a easy sale when you treat people with young kids as good as you do. I’m sure you will see the Johnson family back again that was only half of them Phil has several other in his clan they like getting together and doing thing . I will be waiting to hear from you when your clothes order is in. Hopefully we can get together sit down at the Harbor Shack or somewhere in town for a meal and a few drinks with our wives when I come down to get the clothes. See you then have a good fall.

Bob and Marc - THANK YOU for making our day so special. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to our next trip. Attached are a few pics! Happy fishing and see you soon!! Kimberly

Kimberly S. Barroll
Heron Point of Chestertown
Resident Services Director


Capt. Bob,

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great time. We had such a hard time finding a boat that would be willing to pick us up in Betterton, and you made the process so easy. The boat was awesome and clean, the tunes great, and everyone had a fantastic time. sp;

My mother (despite the fact that I'm not engaged) has already suggested that the boat would make a great wedding rehearsal dinner. I'll try not to hold that against you :)

Thanks again!

Hi Capt. Bob, 2013

I just wanted to thank you again for such a great trip on Saturday. You and Mark were just the right guys to handle our group of 22 women, some experienced, some never having fished or had been on a boat before. Not only did we all have such a wonderful experience we won the contest against the men! It will take a really long time before they live that down.

There's already been word that they want to do it again next year so I'll be in touch.

You guys are the best. Thanks for a great experience and memories that will last a lifetime.


Capt. Bob,
I can't thank you enough for showing, Mike Campbell & the NAVY GUYS a Great time.
Everyone I spoke with at the reception were very complimentary  of your charter.
I'll never hesitate sending you business.
Larry Brosnan, Kent Island

Capt. Bob. Thanks for a awesome day of fishing. You went the extra mile again to make sure we had a great time. I know we would have caught that last fish if the water did'nt get soo rough. You are a great guide and capt. Can you thank Marc for us also. Looking forward to next season already! Thanks again Larry Geib.

Hello Capt.  Bob it may not  have been  a record catch but you made  it a day my daughter Ashley and the whole group will not forget. You and your mates are some of the best people to spend time with, life is busy we are all just trying to get by in these time. But days like this will be talked about forever.  
You, sue and mark are great people a asset to your profession and I hope even with the wet feet you went home as happy as I was. Here is looking for dryer skies and smaller waves on our next time afloat. Please tell Sue and mark how much we all think of them an all they do. Your friends the Mundorff’s and  Mcghee’s

Captain Bob,
               Thanks again for the great trip yesterday.  We all agreed that it was the most pleasurable trip we have ever had fishing on the bay.  Your expertise of putting us on fish along with the fun Sue brought to the trip will be hard to top.  That being said we are willing to try if you are.  June 29, 2011 is the day we decided on for next year’s full day trip.  You have the deposit we left in place from this year, let me know if you need anything else.  Again thank you for your hospitality and a great day on the water.
Frank Howe

Bob and Marc,
     Paul, Bob, Skip and I certainly want to thank you for the great trip.  We could not have felt more at home if we were on our own boat.  You are both first class.
     Paul and I want to thank you both for the fishing tips and information.
Again thanks and have a great summer.  We will see you on the water.
Paul Hufschmidt


Hey Bob,
    Thanks for a good day on the water! It was tough there for a while but I knew that you would not give up and most of us would keep at it also.
I and the guys were very happy with our trip especially with the fact that the water was so warm and the catch rate down due to various reasons.
See you next year (or maybe sooner if the spirit moves one or more of us)!
Good show!

8.27.2009 - Bob,
     I just wan't to thank you and Sue for a great fishing trip. They all enjoyed fishing with you. It was talked about for  a good part of the trip home. We will be looking forward to coming down again. Thanks again.

8.18.2009 - Capt. Bob
This was the most fun fishing I've ever had. You put us right on the fish and gave us the advise to give us the thrill of the catch again and again and going home with fresh rockfish filets was heavenly. And Mark, kept our lines untangled and our hooks bated,  he was wonderful and what women wouldn't want him as their first mate, on or off the boat! We'll be back and every women should give this a go whether you think you like fishing or not is was a beautiful boat ride.
Thanks guys you made us girls really happy.



Just to let you know we had one heck of a fish fry this past Sunday. Courtney was reenacting his catch of the day and when his story was over I let everyone know that it was you that actually set the hook and passed him the child size Zebco rod to land his minnow. I will honestly say that I have not heard him complain one time about the boat, Mark or you. That is a whopper right there. He has not even brought up the fact of fishing again on the Grizzly or anywhere on the east coast again.

During the cookout we discussed about fishing again next year. He is off to Canada in Sept and I am off to New Foundland on a moose hunt. We are basically done playing for the year. We are thinking about a spring trip and then a summer trip in which we will bring the family. Courtney is one that believes in full moon fishing. I believe it like playing blackjack. You either get it or you don't.

Please give me your opinion for a spring trip so we can get one set up for next year. I do expect to be a frequent customer next year. Thanks again for a great trip and we all did enjoy it very much.

Be safe!

Mark Pellicciottii

5.19.2009 - Once again, you guys are the king of striper fishing!! You tell us not to expect a great outting, but you will do your best for us. You said if we each land a keeper to be happy. Both times, in the last 2 years, we had our quota in 2 hours and kept fishing for sport. We threw back many fish, and had a blast doing it!! This years trip, we caught so many fish, i suggested we go in early!! Each time, Captain Bob and mate Mark, took pictures for us of our outting. What a surprise when you sent us an e-mail to check youtube and view some of our trip!! This year, I suggested a song, Don't stop believin' for Marc and he did it!! What a great clip on you tube, for us to go see, and show our friends and family we REALY went fishing!! Captain Bob is in business to make sure his clients are completely satisfied, and give them the most memoriable experience he can provide. His Mate, Marc goes the extra mile and e-mails clients photos and video of the trip!!
If you are looking to fish in Maryland for Rockfish, the only place to go is with Capt. Bob Richie @ fishfearus.com!!!!!

3.24.2009 --- Totally AWESOME!!! Been fishing for many years on alot of boats and had many good trips. My trip with you and your crew was the MOST memorable!! Not only did you work hard to find the fish, I felt your compasion to our group as your customer. Your expectations to provide the BEST trip your customers have, and follow up with us afterwards shows your dedication to our favorite sport.I feel like part of the family, or someone I can say is my friend, instead of " this guy has a charter " Keep up the good work, and I wish you MUCH success!! I will HIGHLY reccomend you to my friends and family, and look forward to my next trip!! Bob Johnson, Easton, Pa.

"Tree man's" name is Greg Solberg.
Thanks once again for a wonderful time on the Jennifer Ann II.  Every one had a great time.  There's much talk around CTC (Career and Technolgy Center) about our fishing trip.  I hope this will add to business in the future for you.  Melvin, Jeff, and myself are still laughing like hell at Bill for the way Sue was "on his ass".  It was a great time!
Best regards,
Jeff Keilholtz

All the boys and I want to thank you and Mark for a great
day of fishing
on Sunday.  We had a ball and caught loads of fish to boot.
It was
especially nice to have Mason boat a nice Rock in
celebration of his
birthday.  It will certainly leave a lasting memory.

If possible could you please email me the pictures that you
all took on
Sunday.  Can't believe I forgot the camera!

Thanks again from Mason, Jake, Evan, Bill, Spence and
myself - look
forward to fishing with you guys in the future.

Eric Popham
Hercules Pulp and Paper Division
Wilmington, DE

I really want to thank you for all the fish we caught and the great time we
had on our fishing trip. This was an excellent birthday present from my wife
and my friends and I had a great time. Catching all the fish was a bonus. We
had a hell of a bonus. Thank you again for the trip and we will recommend you to anyone.

Joe Clark

Thank you for the open dates, I will let you know
when I can line up
another customer trip. Also thanks to you and Mark
for the great trip on
the 14 th. The family was really in need for
something uplifting after
all they have been through the last couple months.
It was truly a great
trip and Kyle enjoyed steering the boat. It will be
hard for us to top
this trip. Again thanks to both of you. Regards
Steve Dawson and Family

Hey Guys,
We had great time .
thanks for your assistance
Here's a few pics as requested
See you guys soon
Chuck Coan

Hey Marc and Bob.
Thanks for a great trip!!!!   
We loved the pictures, thanks for putting Dave on the front page.  I think his head grew a few sizes.
If possible could you email me picture copies to dave@wgservices.com            
Thanks again, see you next season.  
Dave Fetkenher

Captain Bob,

I want to thank you and Marc for a wonderful time
fishing yesterday. This is the fourth time Deb and
and I have fished on the Jennifer Ann II. However,
it is the first time anyone in our group fished for
rock fish during the tournament period. You and
Marc were once again gracious to all of us and the
two best captains any of us have had the pleasure to
fish with. I was very happy at the end of the day
with our catch, Deb - 35 inches, Becky - 38 inches,
and Dave 41 inches. You and Marc are the greatest!
Everyone in my family wants to fish on the Jennifer
Ann II again and we will. I believe fishing with
you and Marc will be at least an annual event.
We're even talking about a family fishing
tournament. You and Marc are so good you've created
fishing fanatics.

The first time we fished with you and Marc was
pure luck or devine intervention. Deb and I had
decided to take our daughter, her husband and our
two grandsons fishing. In attempting to find a
captain and boat, my grandson Ethan and I did a web
search. Your name and the Jennifer Ann II came up
with about 10 other captains and their boats. When
Ethan (8 years old) saw Jennifer Ann II he said
"Thats the boat we should use Pappy, Jennifer Ann II
is a great name for a fishing boat". Well, four
years and four trips later the Jennifer Ann II, you,
and Marc just keep getting better. We can hardly
wait until we fish with you again.

Best regards and good fishing,
Jeff Keilholtz and family

Hey Capt Bob. Just a short note to tell you that
we all had a good time on our Thursday afternoon
trip. I am sure you have 3 more converts in Bob, Gail
& Stacy after their trip. You will see us again next
year. Thanks again. Paul W.Geiger

Capt. Bob and Mark-
This was the greatest fishing trip I have been on;
and had just been on one from Rock Hall last month. First off, thank
you for the charity gift to the Chestertown Christian Academy- all in
the know said if I was going to buy a 'fishin' trip', get Capt Bob.
Well they certainly were in the know. We will be back. AND......, I
will double whatever Joe offer's you to stretch my fish! Be sure to
tell Mark to put old bait on Joe's hook.
(By the way Mark, you are excellent not only as
the First Mate but also as a Webmaster)

We all enjoyed all the efforts you and Mark made
to make our trip an eventful one. Surely for Vincent it was - first
ever fishing from a boat, and first ever piloting a boat - how many
VHF calls did you receive from your captain friends asking if you
were sea sick from the weaving of Vincent's piloting?

Shame on the two who could not make your trip- it
was their loss, but that left more food and drinks, and alot more fun!
Until the next time = Norm, John, Vincent, and
Joe. (I purposely put Joe's name last : )
If you do not remember Norm, not too worry, he was
the short one who made the laughable events memorable ones.

"Hi Bob, My children Cindy and Dave and my
grandchildren Kyle and Kregg all want to thank you for
a great time today. The weather was great and the
catch was better. You and Marc do a hell of a job.
Thanks again." Paul (Digger) Gieger


Captain Bob,

Thank you for making sure that all in our party left
Rock Hall yesterday uninjured. Can't say the same for
the fish, however. Thanks for cleaning those fish.

I know you will be busy chasing that big rockfish for
the next few days, but all of us in the Press Club
party just wanted to thank you and Marc for a great
day on the Bay. Good luck, and we'll be in touch!

Jerry Bastarache

Bob, thanks again for a wonderful day on the Bay.
It will be a pleasure recommending such a class act.
Robin loves her t-shirt!! Take care. Andy.

Hey Bob,
I finally found your web site. Thanks for all the
fun and laughs we had that
day fishing the tournament Page got us into. I hope
he signed us up for next
year and if he didn't you can sign us up now. Please
let me know.
We all had a lot fun and I hope we get to do it
again. God bless and good

Vince Panarello

Where is the picture?

Many many thanks to you and Marc for a wonderful
outing, as usual just
watching the sunrise over the town is an inspiring
and rejuvinating experience. A
day on the Chesapeake is a mind easing change from
the daily pace of the
nuisence of traffic, e-mails voice mails,cell
phones, fax machines, telephones and
telephonies. Catching fish w/ you guys is a fun way
to spend time. Catching
LARGE FISH is a bonus.My guests that came along this
weekend are my closest
friends including you Bob & Marc.The Rest of the
world have been and are, just
Again Many thanks,
John J. Buchanan

Tile Specialists, Inc.